Sheridan O'Leary

Sheridan O'Leary

With a background in interior design (B.Sc)(Dip), Sheridan is a talented designer, who brings a keen eye for writing and promoting the value of design to the wider public.

Tasmanian Timber Series: Westella Vineyard

Perched elegantly at the northern pinnacle of Tasmania’s Tamar Valley, this Tasmanian timber clad cellar door at Westella Vineyard has become a connoisseur’s retreat.

The Grove by Taouk Architects

Embracing the essence of family life and connection, The Grove upholds the timeless charm of its Californian bungalow roots while embracing a contemporary perspective.

House Woodlands by AO Design Studio

House Woodlands challenges the norms, blending environmentally conscious design with the necessities of modern living. It's not about grandeur or extravagance; it's about intelligent, sustainable living in the Australian landscape. 

Studio Tasmania

Located along the pristine shores of Tasmania’s iconic 9 Mile Beach at Dolphin Sands, this cabin epitomises design innovation and environmental sensitivity, and is now welcoming guests for short-term stays.

Franka: Terrace Outdoor Collection

Marking a new era in outdoor elegance, Franka unveils the Terrace Outdoor collection, a series that effortlessly marries the brand's hallmark of timeless design with the demands of outdoor durability.

Just Down the Road

Located in the historic town of Branxholm, 'Just Down the Road' is where luxury meets the rugged charm of Tasmania. Here, a trio of lavish cabins offers a perfect blend of serenity and adventure, setting a new standard for accommodation in Tasmania's picturesque Northeast.

Northcote Hacienda by Hindley & Co

In the heart of Northcote, a double-fronted Victorian house has undergone a transformative journey under the creative vision of Hindley & Co, evolving into the Northcote Hacienda. 

Tasmanian Timber Series: River's Edge

Elevating the standards of architectural brilliance and environmental stewardship, the University of Tasmania's River's Edge stands as a crowning achievement in the sustainable use of Tasmanian Timber.

Timberwolf Design

A short journey from the iconic and buzzing shores of Adelaide's Henley Beach brings you to Timberwolf Design's exclusive showroom. This unique space is thoughtfully designed to showcase the essence of their carefully curated range of residential furniture.

Anne Hindley of Hindley & Co

Meet Anne Hindley, an accomplished architect based in Melbourne, celebrated for her passion in crafting deeply personal, high-end residential environments.

Alistair Taylor & Eric Loi of Prime Edition

Under the leadership of Managing Director Eric Loi and Director Alistair Taylor, Prime Edition crafts spaces that resonate with their 'prime' philosophy, merging luxury with unparalleled design excellence.

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