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This remarkable project, realised and brought to life by Matt Williams Architects, transcends traditional architectural boundaries, merging art, architecture, and the natural world into a cohesive and enchanting entity. Set in the tranquil environment of Tasmania's east coast, Studio Tasmania provides an unmatched stay experience of seclusion and deep immersion in the natural world. 

Studio Tasmania is more than just a structure; it is a well-considered response to the landscape. The design philosophy centres on minimal environmental impact, in tune with the site's existing topography and ecology. The design process addressed the challenges of an unspoilt site, marked by steep, vegetated dunes and flood-prone areas. The architects' sensitive approach focused on minimising disruption while preserving the natural dominance of the landscape. The studio is accessed via a path that follows the natural contours of the land, wrapping around a dune for privacy. Elevated above the dunes, the structure appears to hover, allowing the local fauna, to traverse undisturbed beneath it. 

Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. A distant, encompassing view of the studio from a high vantage point, illustrating its discreet presence within the coastal landscape. The building is a focal point amidst the dense greenery, with a dramatic mountainous backdrop that speaks to the wild beauty of Tasmania's east coast.
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. Photographer: Adam Gibson
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. A ground-level perspective showing the studio's wooden exterior and innovative design, which allows it to sit lightly on the landscape. The building's integration with the coastal environment is emphasized by the sandy dune it rests upon, offering a sustainable and immersive connection to the natural setting.
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. Photographer: Adam Gibson
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. A sleek, architecturally modern structure with vertical wooden slats stands in contrast to the wild, undulating dunes of Dolphin Sands. The building's unique angular form juxtaposes the organic shapes of the distant rugged mountains, under a vast sky with soft cloud patterns.
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. Photographer: Adam Gibson
"From landing in Tassie, driving the coast road, arriving on site and walking the winding path to the Studio, the journey is intended as one of shedding, the noise and demands, to find a place of peace and calm," Matt Williams Architects note. 

Despite its compact size, the studio's design skilfully amplifies the sense of space. A selectively rich, textured palette allows the building to integrate effortlessly into the background, enhancing the ambiance of the setting. 

With the studio's strategic positioning it offers guests stunning vistas of the Freycinet Peninsula and Great Oyster Bay. Inspired by the concept of a viewfinder, the architectural form is angled to frame these breathtaking views, creating a dynamic interaction between the indoors and the ever-changing Tasmanian landscape. This design choice is not just about aesthetics; it's a conscious effort to deepen the guests' connection with the surroundings. 

Constructed with a keen eye for sustainability, Studio Tasmania features the Surefoot footing system, exposed OSB lining, and a careful selection of materials, underscoring a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. These choices not only minimise the ecological footprint but also enhance the studio's thermal efficiency, making it suitable for year-round accommodation. 

Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. A serene interior scene where a person is seated comfortably on a built-in bench cushioned with dark fabric, reflecting in solitude. The large, open window frames a picturesque view of the Tasmanian landscape, with windswept dunes in the foreground leading to the dramatic outlines of mountain ranges under a tranquil sky.
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. Photographer: Adam Gibson

From its inception, the project involved a close partnership with the clients, ensuring that their vision of a tranquil retreat was fully realised. First conceived as a private retreat, it has now only just opened to the public for short term stays to experience a truly unique Tasmanian cabin stay.

Just steps from your doorstep lies the unspoiled Nine Mile Beach, perfect for your invigorating morning swims. If you crave adventure, the famous Wineglass Bay Trail is nearby, offering an immersive experience in the breathtaking beauty of Tasmania. Foodies can indulge at the nearby Melshell Oyster Shack or the exceptional Waterloo Restaurant, both just a short drive away.

Alternatively, you have the option to order a local tailored hamper from Freycinet Luxury Hosts concierge service which includes options of local cheeses, wines and other goodies, allowing you to hunker down and truly savour the Studio Tasmania experience. As the evening descends, the timber deck becomes the place to be, accompanied by your local cheeseboard, fresh oysters, and a glass of wine, immerse yourself completely in the enchanting Tasmanian sunset and night sky. Whether you prefer adventure or a more relaxed stay, this cabin can cater to your every need.

We are so excited to see it now available for short stays as it offers a unique opportunity for guests to experience this architectural design and its enchanting surroundings first hand. It stands as a model of how architecture can coexist with and enhance the natural environment. It's a place that doesn't just provide shelter but also a profound sense of connection—to nature, to tranquillity, and to the very essence of Tasmania's rugged beauty.

To secure your serene retreat at Studio Tasmania, head to Freycinet Luxury Hosts website to book. Discover a glimpse of this unique Tasmanian hideaway by following Studio Tasmania on Instagram, where you'll find a collection of enticing updates for your next escape.

Project Details:
Stay: Studio Tasmania
Location: Dolphin Sands, TAS
Architecture: Matt Williams Architect
Photographer: Adam Gibson
Builder: Peter Blythe Builders

Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. An eco-friendly, timber-clad studio with a distinctive sloped roof, featuring a harmonious blend of natural materials and minimalist design. A wooden walkway leads to an inviting outdoor area, complete with an al fresco shower, set against the backdrop of a serene coastal bushland and the distant Freycinet Peninsula.
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. Photographer: Adam Gibson
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. The studio captured at either dawn or dusk, as the sky above transitions through a palette of soft pinks and purples. The silhouette of the building is framed against the calming pastel sky, reflecting the peaceful isolation of the setting by the ocean's edge.
Studio Tasmania in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. Copyright Studio Tasmania