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Located in the serene ambiance of Coburg, this residence merges the timeless appeal of a classic Californian bungalow with modern design, exemplifying Taouk Architects' proficiency in transforming early 20th-century aesthetics for the present day. The original bungalow, steeped in the Arts and Crafts Movement, retains its charm and character while embracing a new, bold addition at the rear. 

The original home's soft flowing arches, long lines, and balanced proportions are now complemented by modern elements, creating a strong link between the house and its surrounding landscape. Inside, the integration of elegant interiors, from leadlight windows to ornate ceilings and hardwood floors, creates an amalgamation of time and place, where history and future coexist seamlessly. 

The Grove by Taouk Architects. A modern two-story house with a flat roof design and minimalist white facade. The ground floor features large glass windows and sliding doors that lead to a tiled patio with a swimming pool. A neat lawn and a white metal fence border the property.
The Grove by Taouk Architects. Photography by Emily Bartlett 
The Grove by Taouk Architects.A bright and airy living space with tall white walls and a spiral staircase with a sleek white balustrade. Natural light floods in from large windows overlooking greenery. The room is furnished with a beige sofa, matching armchairs, and a small wooden coffee table, creating a cozy yet modern atmosphere.
The Grove by Taouk Architects. Photography by Emily Bartlett 

The Grove's design is driven by the need to maintain its heritage significance within Coburg's character-rich environment. The addition and internal alterations are carefully positioned behind the original silhouette, ensuring the building's charm and historical detailing remain intact. Taouk Architects' approach highlights the contrasts between the old and new, creating a dynamic interplay within the residence. 

The addition, inspired by the original structure's soft arches, spreads boldly over two levels, making a statement at the rear of the property. This new extension is not only a structural addition but also redefines the entire site. The ground floor is transformed into an open, connected space with a shared living, dining, and kitchen area, surrounded by moveable glazing. This design choice encourages a fluid movement between indoors and outdoors, welcoming natural light and optimising the site's orientation for energy efficiency. 

The Grove by Taouk Architects.An elegant view from the top of a white spiral staircase with a classic design, accentuated by a dark brown handrail that contrasts with the pristine white steps. The photo captures the graceful curve of the stairs as they descend, emphasizing the architectural beauty and simplicity of the design.
The Grove by Taouk Architects. Photography by Emily Bartlett 
The Grove by Taouk Architects.A modern and spacious kitchen and living area with white walls and high ceilings. The kitchen features white marble countertops, a central island, and a backsplash with an arched niche above the stove. The open-plan area includes a living space with a comfortable tan sofa and armchair, with natural hardwood flooring throughout. The room is illuminated by natural light, creating a welcoming and serene ambiance.
The Grove by Taouk Architects. Photography by Emily Bartlett 

As a home designed for a family that values social interaction and open living, The Grove needed to be both inviting and functional. The addition provides areas for retreat and social gatherings, drawing movement towards the rear of the house. Here, the kitchen and living space form the new heart of the home, around which all other elements pivot. Although concealed from the street, the addition significantly enhances the quality of living, offering flexibility and adaptability for a growing family. 

The Grove stands as an idyllic blend of time and place, taking cues from the traditional detailing of the original house and reinterpreting them into the new structure. Taouk Architects' use of a neutral and illuminating palette further bridges the gap between historical and contemporary aesthetics, enhancing the transition to the lush surrounding landscape. This blend reflects the essence of its location and the inhabitants' preference for open living spaces, with Taouk Architects fully utilising the property to meet contemporary lifestyle needs. 

Project Details

Location: Coburg, Victoria
Traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.
Architecture: Taouk Architects 
Build: Merbuilt 
Landscape Design:  COS Design 
Engineer: BK Consultant 
Photography: Emily Bartlett 


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The Grove by Taouk Architects.A modern outdoor dining area adjacent to a minimalist white house with a distinctive vertical profile. The patio area is furnished with a long dining table and chairs, set up for an alfresco dining experience. The house features expansive glass doors that open to seamlessly connect the interior with the exterior, and the landscaped garden adds a touch of greenery to the scene.
The Grove by Taouk Architects. Photography by Emily Bartlett 
The Grove by Taouk Architects.A cozy indoor nook featuring a contemporary freestanding black fireplace with a metal flue that extends up to a high white ceiling. To the side of the fireplace, a neat stack of firewood is artfully arranged, adding a rustic touch to the modern space. The area is furnished with a comfortable gray sofa, throw pillows, and a low-profile coffee table, creating a warm and inviting space to relax.
The Grove by Taouk Architects. Photography by Emily Bartlett 
The Grove by Taouk Architects.A minimalist kitchen interior with a white marble island and a built-in cooktop under an arching range hood set against a tiled backsplash. To the right is a living area with a modern black fireplace. The space features herringbone wood flooring, white chairs around a wooden dining table, and a plush green armchair. The clean lines and white color palette give the room an open, serene feel.
The Grove by Taouk Architects. Photography by Emily Bartlett