Escape - Australian Holiday Homes

Candlebark Ridge

This unique cabin offers a luxury off-the-grid retreat with breathtaking ocean views and serene bushland surroundings of St Marys. Blending mid-century charm with modern sustainability, it's the perfect getaway for nature lovers seeking a peaceful escape.

Rockpool Farm Byron Hinterland

Nestled in Byron's serene hinterland, this revamped haven draws inspiration from Italy's country estates and offers views to the Nightcap Ranges. From the historic Mango Packing Shed to the modern Storm Cabin, it caters to diverse tastes, providing an idyllic escape for families and couples.

Kasa Byron

Delicately tucked between the dunes and the Tuckeroo trees, this private holiday retreat offers both connection and privacy, all within a short walk of the serene Byron Bay coastline.

Bill's Boathouse

Gently nestled on the private and tranquil Murray River, this permanently moored eco pod is a rustic retreat for couples seeking a romantic getaway, singles in search of a refreshing reset or creatives looking for an inspiring work stay.

Billy's Hideaway by Huch

Recently, CO-architecture had the opportunity to experience a retreat at Huch's luxury off-grid cabin, nestled in the serene rural village of Wollombi in the Hunter region.

Most Popular Stays of 2023

In 2023, we had the opportunity to showcase a selection of exceptional Australian boutique accommodations. Below, you'll find a curated collection of the stays that resonated most with our community.

Studio Tasmania

Located along the pristine shores of Tasmania’s iconic 9 Mile Beach at Dolphin Sands, this cabin epitomises design innovation and environmental sensitivity, and is now welcoming guests for short-term stays.

Just Down the Road

Located in the historic town of Branxholm, 'Just Down the Road' is where luxury meets the rugged charm of Tasmania. Here, a trio of lavish cabins offers a perfect blend of serenity and adventure, setting a new standard for accommodation in Tasmania's picturesque Northeast.

The Glut Farm

Hidden within the verdant settings of Raglan, Victoria, The Glut Farm redefines the essence of a getaway.


Hidden within the lush embrace of Injidup’s natural playground, DEN PLACE isn’t merely a destination; it's a nuanced experience woven into the landscape of Western Australia's cherished south-west.

Jumoku Daylesford

Perched above Daylesford, Jumoku showcases impeccable design, unparalleled comfort, and the allure of a true getaway. In this residence, luxury is evident in every detail, nature's beauty is a constant backdrop, and relaxation is always on the agenda.

Island House, Lord Howe Island

Within the lush embrace of Kentia palms and venerable Banyan trees on Lord Howe Island, Island House unveils an experience of unmatched serenity and elegance awaiting its guests.

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