Tom Robertson of Tom Robertson Architects

Tom Robertson Architects, based in Melbourne, specialises in creating exceptional residential spaces. Tom's practice is dedicated to crafting environments that evoke joy and comfort through a blend of collaborative effort and thoughtful design.

Julie Crowe Design

Crafting bespoke landscapes rooted in stories and nature's beauty, Julie Crowe's designs foster deep connections between clients and their outdoor spaces.

Anthony Chan of Chan Architecture

Anthony leads the dynamic and passionate team at Chan Architecture, who are leaving an indelible mark on the architectural landscape of Melbourne.

Benjamin Jay Shand of Studio Shand

Studio Shand takes on a non-discriminatory approach when it comes to exploring architectural and design mediums or searching for the next source of inspiration. What may come across as a broad outlook results in exceptionally considered projects that deliver beyond the brief.

Talking Careers with 77 Architecture

Since starting the business in his spare room, John Stubbs has grown 77 Architecture into a successful practice through his commitment to ensuring personalised service and committed client relationships. We caught up to learn about John's career and his advice to those new to the industry.

Hannaford Design Studio

Tamara Hannaford-Maizey of Hannaford Design Studio, is passionate about collaboration. This dedication is showcased through her work on Stead House, fusing contemporary and Victorian-era features, creating a space that oozes comfort and calm.

Melonie Bayl-Smith of Bijl Architecture

Melonie Bayl-Smith, the pivotal figure behind BIJL Architecture, has made indelible marks on the architectural community as her practice enters its second decade.

Talking Careers with AO Design Studio

With nearly a decade of experience in crafting contemporary architectural homes and a keen business instinct, Tony O'Meara is a diverse leader in his role as AO Design Studio Director. We caught up with Tony to learn about his journey into architecture and his advice for jobseekers.

Anne Hindley of Hindley & Co

Meet Anne Hindley, an accomplished architect based in Melbourne, celebrated for her passion in crafting deeply personal, high-end residential environments.

Alistair Taylor & Eric Loi of Prime Edition

Under the leadership of Managing Director Eric Loi and Director Alistair Taylor, Prime Edition crafts spaces that resonate with their 'prime' philosophy, merging luxury with unparalleled design excellence.

Talking Careers with BSPN Architecture

With over three decades of industry expertise, Luke holds a pivotal role as a partner and leader within the BSPN team. We caught up with him recently to explore his path into architecture and what advice he has for current job seekers.

Mike Sneyd of EKD Architects

For those with an adventurous spirit and a passion for architecture, the canvas of Northern Western Australia is unparalleled.

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