Architecture and Interior Design

Minnamurra Road House II by Corben Architects

Perched atop the steep hillside of Northbridge, this residence, with its sprawling five-tier structure, posed significant design challenges due to its elevated position and the intricate topography of the site it sits on.

Kennett River House by MGAO

Nestled in a quaint coastal town along the iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria, this holiday home offers an idyllic retreat. With the gentle whispers of the ocean in the background and the untouched beauty of the coastline at its doorstep, this residence provides a serene escape from the city.

The Third by Dalecki Design

A residence offering a distinctive homely feel with its adaptable spaces that beckon for social gatherings while also allowing for serene personal retreats.

Stella Maris by MONNO

In the picturesque coastal enclave of Rippleside, the design led property developer, MONNO proudly presents their most recent project: Stella Maris.

Innovative Wall Treatments by Bishop Master Finishes

A family-owned and operated business, Bishop Master Finishes has not only introduced Australia to the beauty of Italian Venetian and Polished Plaster finishes but also continues to lead the market with their handcrafted and bespoke product line. 

Sky House by Marra+Yeh Architects

This residential design was influenced by the client's deep connection to their neighbourhood and wish to stay in the community as their children matured. It necessitated a design with inherent flexibility and adaptability, allowing it to effortlessly adjust to evolving needs over the years.

Photographer Luke Ray

Luke's life is a tapestry of evolving passions, unfolding chapter by chapter. From the precision of vehicle design to the broad canvases of architectural photography, each narrative represents a distinct era of his craft.

Bronte House by Tribe Studio Architects

In the beloved beachside enclave of Sydney renowned for its iconic beach, ocean pool and coastal parks, proudly sits a house on a former quarry site. Sculpted spaces are seamlessly carved, sliced, indented, and polished as though birthed from the very terrain it rests upon.

The Point Tasmania

In today's fast-paced world, the essence of retreat is often overshadowed by a barrage of notifications, deadlines, and urban hustle. But for those yearning for a genuine break, where natural splendour meets meticulous design, The Point in Tasmania emerges as the quintessential sanctuary. 

Delatite Cellar Door by Lucy Clemenger Architects

In the majestic foothills of the Victorian Alps, where the expanse of Taungurung Country unfolds, the Delatite Cellar Door has etched its mark. It blends the elegance of contemporary design with the rustic beauty of the natural landscape.

Dream Weaver by YSG Studio

Amidst the sweeping panoramic vistas of Rushcutters Bay, the Dream Weaver penthouse rises as a luminous symbol of opulence and personal expression. YSG Studio transformed the space into an escapist wonderland tailored for discerning empty nesters. 

The Pavilion Castlecrag by McNally Architects

In the idyllic Sydney suburb of Castlecrag, an original bungalow once sat at odds with its surroundings. It was a discordant note amidst the harmonious architecture designed by the likes of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin.

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