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Timberwolf Design has evolved beyond its bespoke roots to offer a full range of residential furniture. Clients are encouraged to play an active role in the customisation process, choosing the ideal size and timber type to ensure each piece is perfectly tailored to fit their unique spaces and preferences.

Central to Timberwolf Design is a deep-seated commitment to handcrafted excellence. This dedication is vividly evident in their expansive workshop, seamlessly adjoining the showroom. Here, clients are offered a unique opportunity to witness the magic of the creation process first-hand. As they step into this space, they are immersed in a world where timber transforms from its raw state, surrounded by the hum of unique equipment and the rich, inviting aromas of oak and other fine woods.

Timberwolf Design stands for the integrity of craft over mass production. Their collection, an array of selected timbers and finishes, upholds their commitment to authenticity and quality. This approach ensures that each piece is a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence.

The essence of Timberwolf Design's collections is rooted in the beautiful simplicity and robustness of their pieces. From the Esto Round Table, a harmony of complementing curves & flutes, to the Ladovi Bench Seat that promises to transform any hallway into a statement of style, every item is a testament to their dedication to form and function.

Timberwolf Design's story is as enduring as the timber they mould. From the modest beginnings in founder Heath Polkinghorne's backyard to the flourishing workshop and skilled team of today, the journey is marked by passion and excellence. Each creation is not just a piece of furniture; it's a part of Timberwolf’s evolving legacy.

Under the guidance of Heath and his team, the wood crafted at Timberwolf Design becomes more than just furniture; it becomes a part of the homes and lives it graces. Built to create homes, outlive trends, and carry forward a legacy of craftsmanship, Timberwolf Design's furniture is an investment in quality and style.

Additionally, Timberwolf Design's commitment to accessibility is evident in their services. They offer interstate shipping, delivering any piece Australia-wide right to your door. Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Adelaide airport, they frequently welcome interstate visitors, eager to experience the showroom first hand. Catering to a diverse range of clients, from new homeowners to interior designers and architects, Timberwolf Design is not just a furniture maker; it's a creator of lasting impressions and enduring quality.

Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Timberwolf Designs by following them on their Instagram profile, or exploring their website at Timberwolf Designs.

Timberwolf Design team. Photography Copyright of Timberwolf Design
Timberwolf Design: Ladovi Table. modern and minimalist dining area featuring a large wooden dining table surrounded by bentwood chairs. The room has a neutral color palette with beige tiled flooring, wood paneling on the walls, and a white ceiling. The natural light fills the space, giving it an airy feel. The furniture arrangement and the choice of materials suggest a contemporary design with a nod to classic elements.
Timberwolf Design: Ladovi Table. Photography Copyright of Timberwolf Design
interior showcases a variety of furniture pieces in a white-walled room with a glossy white floor, reflecting the natural light entering through the sheer curtains. The space feels like a curated gallery with a mix of round and rectangular wooden tables, bentwood chairs, and unique bench seating with built-in storage. The aesthetic is modern with organic elements, and the room is accented with small potted plants, giving life to the minimalist design.
Timberwolf Design Showroom. Photography Copyright of Timberwolf Design
Timberwolf Design: Sova Credenza in American Oak Natural.modern wooden sideboard with a smooth finish. The sideboard is styled with a tall brown glass bottle holding dried plants, a grey pottery piece, and a small cup with a cracked pattern. The simple arrangement and natural materials give the scene a serene and organic feel, while the white wall behind ensures that the focus remains on the sideboard and its decor.
Timberwolf Design: Sova Credenza in American Oak Natural. Photography Copyright of Timberwolf Design
Timberwolf Design: Wistow Dining Table in American Oak.bright dining room with a large window covered by sheer curtains, which soften the natural light that floods the space. The dining table, made of light wood, is placed on a textured beige rug and is accompanied by matching chairs with dark grey cushions. An arrangement of red-leafed plants serves as a centerpiece, adding a vibrant touch of color to the neutral tones of the room.
Timberwolf Design: Wistow Dining Table in American Oak. Photography Copyright of Timberwolf Design

Timberwolf Design: Elk Dining Table.The dining space is defined by a light wood table and matching chairs on a textured round rug, highlighting the warm tones of the wooden floor. Above the table hang two simple white pendant lights. A glass vase with blue foliage serves as a centerpiece, and the background reveals a kitchen counter with a marble backsplash, creating a clean and sophisticated atmosphere.
Timberwolf Design: Elk Dining Table. Photography Copyright of Timberwolf Design
Timberwolf Design Showroom. the exterior of the Timberwolf showroom, with the brand name "TIMBERWOLF" prominently displayed in bold, three-dimensional letters on a white brick wall. The composition of the image, with a clear sky as the backdrop and a focus on the brand signage, suggests a modern and professional business facade. This branding is likely meant to convey a strong and reliable image for the company.
Timberwolf Design Showroom. Photography Copyright of Timberwolf Design
The table is adorned with a small vase holding a single branch with small leaves, alongside a grey pottery piece and a small cup with an abstract design. The white background provides a stark contrast that emphasizes the simplicity and clean lines of the furniture.
Timberwolf Design: Pecoraro Round Table in American Oak. Photography Copyright of Timberwolf Design