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Perth, a dynamic and diverse city located in the western part of Australia, serves as a thriving center for exceptionally talented interior designers who possess the extraordinary ability to mould spaces that inspire, rejuvenate, and elevate one's senses. Amidst this bustling urban environment, we proudly present a carefully curated collection featuring the finest interior designers in Perth.

This ensemble represents the epitome of creativity and innovation in the field, offering an unparalleled experience for those embarking on renovations, constructing new homes, or seeking fresh ideas for their interior design projects. These gifted professionals will accompany you on an extraordinary journey, enchanting you with their expertise as they seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with timeless sophistication or curate bespoke designs that honour individuality and personal expression.

Without any specific ranking, allow us to introduce Perth's top 10 Interior Designers for 2023, a distinguished group poised to shape the future of interior design in the region.

Sewell Street by St. Helier Studio. Master suite view into ensuite
Sewell Street by St. Helier Studio. Photography by Ben Delfs

St. Helier Studio

St. Helier Studio is an architecture and interior design studio based in the South West of Western Australia. St. Helier Studio is committed to designing feel-good spaces that are rich in texture and honour natural materials. St. Helier work collaboratively with their clients to create spaces that inspire and bring a sense of comfort. They design timeless, personalised spaces that reflect each client's vision. It is their goal to deliver projects that are truly unique. To ensure a successful end result, St. Helier Studio follow a systematic process from initial briefing through on-site services. They are experienced in all stages of architecture and interior design and specialise in residential new builds, renovations and interiors.

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The Langston Residence by Architectus. Birds eye view of the Lanston's spiral staircase
The Langston Residence by Architectus. Photography copyright Architectus


Architectus combines deep expertise in every sector with critical problem-solving skills and a commitment to exceptional design. Through their collaborative ethos and insightful, human-centric approach, Architectus create design outcomes that exemplify elegance, functionality, and sustainability. Together, Architectus offer unparalleled expertise spanning the sectors of Education, Public, Transport, Defence, Health, Heritage, Urban Futures, Landscape Architecture, Commercial, Residential and Interior Architecture.

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Blairgowrie House by Archive. Kitchen view.
Blairgowrie House by Archive. Photography copyright of Archive


Archive is an architecture and design office underpinned by an immersive exploration of Australian culture and design. From the realisation of responsive, relevant and engaging spaces, to the cultivation of a digital journal which encourages a deep-dive into the myriad of influences that shape the built environment, we celebrate the profound value of design. Led by architect and academic Joel Benichou, Archive unifies architecture, interior design, culture and objects to shape engaging places distinguished by atmosphere and craftsmanship.

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Hames Sharley Perth Studio by Hames Sharley. Workplace interior featuring meeting room.
Hames Sharley Perth Studio by Hames Sharley. Photography copyright of Hames Sharley

Hames Sharley

Hames Sharley is a leading national design practice with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.
Hames Sharley projects originate from a wealth of research and knowledge from 40 years’ experience and collective expertise in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design and planning. Their shared design philosophy promotes the creation of environmentally and socially appropriate structural solutions. Hames Sharley are committed to delivering the best product to our clients. This integrity filled approach has resulted in long term relationships and a mutual trust between clients and employees, with a steady stream of repeat business built on a culture of collaboration and an openness to creativity.

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Murdoch University Network & Gaming Labs by Saru Design. Study room at Murdoch's gaming lab
Murdoch University Network & Gaming Labs by Saru Design. Photography copyright of Saru Design

Saru Design

Saru Design are a cross-discipline design studio with a passion for creating considered design solutions for their clients. They believe good design should be the norm not the exception, sharing the benefits of great design to as many people as possible is our defining purpose. Saru create designs that provide enduring solutions that meet current and future requirements. Their Designs are created for Longevity, Flexibility and Sustainability. By avoiding solutions based on short lived trends, they aim to provide long term results.

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His Majesty’s Theatre by TRCB. His Majesty's Dining space featuring Bar.
His Majesty’s Theatre by TRCB. Photography copyright of TRCB


TRCB is a multi-disciplinary design practice delivering architectural, urban design and interiors projects. They are committed to providing exemplary, innovative and responsible design with a mind to commercial pragmatism. TRCB build beautiful, engaging, enduring and memorable places.

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Newmont by Rezen. Workplace interior featuring casual seating and booth seating areas.
Newmont by Rezen. Photography by Jack Lovel


An award-winning boutique practice, Rezen is a place where ideas are nurtured, and high-quality built environments are designed. Their focus is on creating enriching environments that positively contribute to wellbeing. Rezen believe that order and systems underpin beauty, and in creating calm and considered environments that generate, rather than reduce. They are passionate about designing for people and believe the journey is as important as the outcome. Rezen's philosophy, both in a design and operational sense, is that of integrity.

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Wanderlust by Lahaus. Casual seating area.
Wanderlust by Lahaus. Photography by Studio Periphery


Lahaus create modern spaces for the people who live, work and play in them.
Each space is a meeting point of form and function, inspired by its location as well as natural elements from the surrounding environment. Play of light. Honest materials. Comfortable tones. Considered features. They work collaboratively with their clients from start to finish to create bespoke work, original ideas and impactful designs. Lahaus believe every room is for living, not just the living room – and that every person deserves a space where they belong.

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South32 South Africa by designPAPER. Workplace interior featuring breakout room.
South32 South Africa by designPAPER. Photography copyright of designPAPER


PAPER has at it’s nucleus a core team of creative professionals who are some of the most experienced in Australia. Each member of the team contributes to a diversity of skills including Corporate, Industrial Design, Hospitality and Retail Design. Co-creation with allied design professionals is openly encouraged to achieve the ultimate outcome for our clients. PAPER recognises the growing importance of workplace Ecology and it’s place in the environment. Their aim is to facilitate the rapidly evolving ways in which people and organisations work sustainably.

State28. Workplace breakout kitchen and seating area
State28. Photography by Alana Blowfield


State28 strongly believe interior environments should enhance the lives of their inhabitants which is why they're on a mission to change the way people think, feel and behave in their spaces. At State28 Interiors, their true passion and expertise lie in the art of creating spaces that not only captivate and engage, but also have a profound positive impact on people's lives.

Top 10 Interior Designers in Perth

1. St. Helier Studio
2. Architectus
3. Archive
4. Hames Sharley
5. Saru Design
7. Rezen 
8. Lahaus
9. designPAPER
10. State28

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