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Having previously worked for years in architecture and design studios, we grasped the challenges of gathering and arranging diverse material samples for client presentations. The frantic last-minute calls to secure a specific timber sample believed to be ordered a week ago or the realisation that a certain sample is missing from the studio's library can be stressful. Enter Simple Sample to simply the process—a solution that prompts us to question why such a platform wasn't conceived earlier.

Simple Sample, a recently launched Australian platform exclusively devoted to sample material sourcing, looks to streamline the whole process for the design and architecture industry. This innovative online technology has emerged to help architects and designers procure a wide variety of material samples from leading manufacturers from the one place in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

Various ceramic tiles supplied on the Simple Sample platform.
Unboxing of Simple Sample material samples in the single box.

Reserved solely for architects, interior designers, and design professionals in Australia, this exclusive platform allows industry experts to register and seamlessly order a diverse range of samples, spanning from stones and tiles to timber flooring and veneers. These samples are then picked, packed and processed from a centralised warehouse that same day. Gone are the days of waiting for multiple deliveries from various manufacturers.

“Simple Sample is a game-changer for design and construction professionals, offering them unprecedented convenience, speed, and sustainability in material sourcing. It reflects our commitment to supporting the supplier industry and providing innovative solutions for Australia’s thriving design community.”  - Spokesperson of Simple Sample
Various timber samples available on Simple Sample.
Range of material samples available on Simple Sample.

A primary motivation behind the inception of Simple Sample was a dedicated commitment to sustainability. The platform endeavours to make a substantial impact by potentially saving up to 80% of packaging materials used in sample deliveries and concurrently reducing the average number of deliveries by an impressive 75%. This shift not only benefits users but also encourages suppliers to embrace a novel and environmentally sustainable best practice.

 “We are proud to join Simple Sample’s innovative marketplace and making our range of products available. Simple Sample will help us to get our products into the hands of architects and designers. It also supports our goal of providing exceptional customer service to our customers while reducing wastage in the sampling process”  adds Michelle Bonvino from Stones Direct Solutions – one of the largest stone distributors in Australia. 
Your samples will arrive in a single NoIssue Eco packaging.
Various stone samples available on the Simple Sample platform.

Backed by a specialised team focused on sample logistics, Simple Sample ensures the prompt dispatch of products on the same day. Leveraging an advanced logistics network, the platform facilitates swift deliveries, with some samples arriving as early as the next business day for those last minute additions by clients.

For Australian architects, interior designers, and design professionals, we invite you to register and experience the advantages of the new platform. We are confident that it will significantly save you time and alleviate stress in the future - sign up here. If you are a supplier interested in joining the platform - inquire here.

Simple packaging by Simple Sample
A flat lay of a Simple Sample order consisting of grey tones.
Simple Sample, here to simplify the material sample order process.