On June 20th, 120 people from the design community came together at the Brickworks Melbourne Design Studio for a refreshingly honest discussion titled "Learning from our F*** Ups." This event brought architects, designers, and practice owners together to share not just their successes, but also their "What was I thinking?" moments and the valuable lessons they learned when things didn't go as planned.

Inspired by the F**K Up Nights movement, this gathering was all about embracing vulnerability and learning from our mistakes. The atmosphere was relaxed and supportive, making it the perfect setting for some real talk about the ups and downs of building a career in design.

Speakers Included

  • Stephanie Bullock, Director at Kosloff Architecture
  • Fiona Dunin, Director at fmd architects:
  • Sarah Bryant and Richard Bryant, Directors at Bryant Alsop.

The Brickworks Melbourne Design Studio provided the perfect backdrop for the event, with its inspiring design and warm ambiance. Attendees enjoyed a casual yet engaging evening, complete with networking opportunities and the chance to connect with peers over shared experiences.

"Learning from our F*** Ups" was a great reminder that behind every successful project are many lessons learned from mistakes and setbacks. The event created a strong sense of community, encouraging everyone to see challenges as opportunities to grow. The speakers' stories showed that it's okay to be imperfect and that every mistake is a chance to learn something new.

Failure is a prerequisite for success

All in all, the event was a fantastic celebration of honesty and vulnerability, proving that the design community is stronger when we share our f*** ups and learn from them together.

Don't miss our next event in Sydney on July 11th, featuring guest speakers:

  • Melonie Bayl-Smith, Director at Bijl Architecture
  • Hannah Tribe, Principal at Tribe Studio Architects
  • Ben Peake, Principal at Carter Williamson Architects

Tickets available at Humanitix