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Written by Sheridan O'Leary

As we make our way through 2023, bathroom design is taking a captivating turn towards a harmonious fusion of curves, art deco influences, and natural textures. Designers are drawing inspiration from the past, while also embracing innovative elements to create stunning and relaxing bathroom spaces that stand the test of time. Let's explore the top trends that are currently gracing bathrooms in this year. 

Terracotta - A Nostalgic Revival with a Contemporary Twist 

2023 sees a trend towards earthy colour schemes and a nostalgic nod to the '70s. Terracotta bathrooms are making a comeback, ranging from subtle hints of terracotta in basin design or feature tiles to full-on wall-to-wall terracotta tones. Embracing fiery shades and warm, rustic farmhouse vibes, these earthy hues bring a cosy and welcoming feel to modern bathroom spaces. 

West Bend House by MRTN Architects. Rustic farmhouse bathroom mixed with 70's refinement
West Bend House by MRTN Architects. Photography by Peter Bennetts

Curves - Soft and Dynamic 

Fluidity and dynamism take centre stage with the rise of curves in bathroom design. Curved showers, in particular, are making waves, with archway-shaped recesses bringing both style and functionality to even the smallest of spaces. Walking into a cocooning space adds a sense of luxury and visual interest, making the shower experience all the more indulgent. Art Deco archways and soft curves from the mid-century era are key inspirations driving this trend forward. 

NoMad by Alexander & CO. Bathroom featuring soft fluid forms.
NoMad by Alexander & CO. Photography by Anson Smart
Tree Island by Carter Williamson Architects. Bathroom cocooned in a curved form.
Tree Island by Carter Williamson Architects. Photography by Katherine Lu

Vertical Tiling: The Upsurge of Slim vertical lines 

The classic subway tile has undergone a makeover, as designers now turn them vertically to create a mesmerizing visual effect. These slim and upright tiles draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of higher walls and ceilings, perfect for enhancing smaller spaces or introducing a bold new textured look to bathroom interiors. 

Challis Ave House by Retallack Thompson Architects. Soft minimal bathroom featuring textured vertical tiles.
Challis Ave House by Retallack Thompson Architects. Photography by Katherine Lu

Terrazzo Resurgence: Bolder Patterns and Vibrant Colours 

Terrazzo flooring continues its triumphant return, but this time, it's bigger and bolder than ever. Embracing bold patterns with larger chips and brighter hues, this revived trend adds a delightful touch of modernity and personality to bathroom floors and walls. 

Play House by State of Kin. Mid century inspired bathroom, with an abundance of terrazzo tiling.
Play House by State of Kin. Photography by Jack Lovel.
Herman by Wowowa Architecture.  Bright and bold pink and burgundy bathroom with terrazzo feature basin
Herman by Wowowa Architecture. Photography by Martina Gemmola

Retro Eclectic Appeal - Combining Bold and Earthy Tones 

Retro eclectic style merges earthy and bold colours with mid-century design elements, creating memorable and playful bathroom spaces. Textural flooring, such as crazy paving, slate, and flagstone, complements natural materials like timber and brick, adding depth and pattern to the overall design. 

Florida House by Nest Archi. Mid century bathroom with green tiles and wood basin features.
Florida House by Nest Archi. Photography by Tom Ross.

Fluted finishes- Exploring Texture and Depth

Guide the eye with clean lines and intriguing textures, creating depth, interest, and visual drama in the bathroom. Fluted finishes are a subtle yet powerful way to introduce unique textures, whether it's through vanity cabinets, shower panels, or backsplash designs. Clean lines, softened by clever use of texture, infuses bathrooms with a timeless elegance. 

First Blush by Smac Studio. Fluted basin with fluted shadow doors.
First Blush by Smac Studio. Photography by Anson Smart
First Blush by Smac Studio. Green themed bathroom featuring fluted shower screen.
Tiara Home by FMD Architects. Photography by Dianna Snape

Earthy Colours: A Playful Palette of Nature's Tones 

The allure of earthy colours continues to thrive, with designers favouring colour-blocking techniques to infuse playfulness into neutral backdrops. Expect to see deep, colour-saturated interiors featuring moody blues, forest greens, burnt reds, and dusky pinks, creating captivating and harmonious bathroom experience 

First Blush by Smac Studio. Blush themed bathroom featuring marble basin.
First Blush by Smac Studio. Photography by Anson Smart

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