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When it comes to renovating a bathroom, choosing the right tiles can transform the space into a foam sanctuary or a bright white oasis. However, before embarking on your bathroom renovation journey, it's essential to understand the cost implications of tiling in Australia. The average cost to retile a bathroom typically ranges between $50 to $230 per square meter, but be prepared for potential variations depending on your specific choices.

The Cost Breakdown

Type of Tiles

The type of tiles you select is a major factor influencing the total cost of bathroom tiling. Each tile material varies in price, style, and quality. Traditional porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular choices, with porcelain being a waterproof option suitable for long-term use. However, handling porcelain tiles requires expertise to avoid damage during installation. Natural stone tiles like granite offer durability but tend to be more expensive. For cost-conscious individuals, vinyl bathroom tiles offer an affordable alternative with a similar appearance to stone or ceramic tiles. On average, expect to spend more on premium materials and less on budget-friendly options.

Natural tiles like granite are durable yes, on the other hand natural tiles like marble tend to be more of a softer stone and quite porous - steer clear of hair dyes, acidic cleaning products etc. (or just steer clear in general).

Material Porcelain - artedomus
Material Porcelain - artedomus

Size of the Bathroom

The size of your bathroom directly impacts the overall cost of tiling. If you're considering tiling the entire bathroom, including both walls and floors, you'll need more tiles and additional labor, increasing the expenses. However, if you're focusing on a smaller area, such as a bathroom shower or splashback above the sink, the costs will be significantly lower. Select large format tiles - to reduce labor time and costs. less interruption from grout lines (less cleaning).

Complexity of Bathroom Layout

A bathroom with a complex layout or unique features may lead to higher costs. When tiles need intricate cutting to fit irregular shapes or complex designs, it increases labor time and material wastage, ultimately driving up the expenses.

Cost of Labor

Professional tilers usually quote based on the area they will be tiling, encompassing both labor and materials. Labor charges are typically calculated on an hourly or day rate basis, which can range from $45 to $85 per hour. It's essential to consider the location of your property as labor costs may vary between regions.

Average Cost to Tile a Bathroom Based on Size and Material

For a comprehensive estimate, we've compiled an average cost breakdown based on the size of the bathroom and the type of tiles chosen. The figures presented include fully tiling the bathroom, covering both walls and floors. However, partial tiling, such as a floor, wall, or splashback tiling job, will result in lower expenses.

  • Small Bathroom: $5,000 - $15,000
  • Medium Bathroom: $15,000 - $30,000
  • Large Bathroom: >$30,000

Optional Extras: Additional Costs to Consider

Apart from the core tiling expenses, several optional extras may add to your overall budget. These include:

  • Sealant: Some tiles require sealing to prevent water seepage, with an average cost ranging from $25 to $40 per square meter.
  • Tile Removal: Removing old tiles, grout, and adhesive may require additional expenses, either through professional services or by tackling the task yourself.
  • Plastering: Preparing the walls before tiling begins is essential, and you can decide whether to hire a tiler to handle this or do it yourself.
  • Underfloor Heating: Consider adding underfloor heating while retiling, providing comfort and warmth, with an approximate cost of $105 per square meter.
Material Ceramic -  Shutter House by State of Kin
Material Ceramic - Shutter House by State of Kin

Tips to Keep Bathroom Tiling Costs Down

To manage costs effectively, consider the following tips:

  1. DIY Tasks: If you're adept at DIY, you can save money by removing existing tiles yourself or sourcing your tiles and materials independently.
  2. Sourcing Tiles: Research and find deals on tiles, adhesive, and grouting materials. Ensure that the chosen grout and adhesive are suitable for your selected tiles.
  3. Professional Assistance: Consult a professional tiler to help you make informed decisions and receive accurate cost estimates for your specific project.

Tiling a bathroom in Australia can be a rewarding endeavor, enhancing the space's aesthetics and functionality. By understanding the cost factors and making informed choices, you can create your dream bathroom without overspending. Whether you opt for luxurious materials or cost-effective alternatives, planning and research are essential to achieve a beautiful bathroom that aligns with your budget. So, make a splash without splashing the cash and embark on your bathroom tiling journey with confidence.

Italian Terracotta by Cotto Manetti
Italian Terracotta by Cotto Manetti