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A feature bathtub can elevate a bathroom space from merely functional to a haven of luxury and relaxation. Serving as the focal point of the room, a carefully chosen bathtub in a renovation or new build can act as an art piece, encapsulating the essence of the design ethos. Its form, materials, and placement can create a sense of indulgence, transforming the bathing ritual into a spa-like experience.

Beyond its functional use, a feature bathtub becomes a statement, reflecting the homeowner's taste, emphasising comfort, and showcasing sophistication. By investing in such a centrepiece for your renovation, homeowners can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their bathroom but also the overall residential experience of their home.

Bassano by Tom Robertson Architects showing an interior shot of the bathroom with a feature concrete bathtub with a skylight above
Bassano by Tom Robertson Architects. Photographer: Derek Swalwell

Bassano by Tom Robertson Architects

In the innovative design crafted by Tom Robertson Architects, a concrete bath and basin hold a place of prominence. Strategically situated in the far-right wing of the cabin, these elements become more than just functional pieces; they transform into sculptural focal points. This transformation is further accentuated by the deliberate placement of a skylight overhead, which bathes the space in natural light, highlighting the raw beauty and texture of the concrete. This interplay of design elements creates a harmonious blend of architecture and nature, making the bathing experience both rejuvenating and aesthetically engaging.

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Sunday by Architecture architecture bathroom shot showing a yellow bathtub that looks out to an internal courtyard
Sunday by Architecture architecture. Photographer: Tom Ross

Sunday by Architecture architecture

In this house, Architecture architecture's clients were inspired by the bold colour choices of Luis Barragan, the design also echoes their preference for simplicity and solidity. The vibrant yellow bathtub stands out brilliantly, offering a serene oasis that overlooks the intimate courtyard, providing a peaceful escape from the bustling Melbourne surroundings. The bathtub's design includes a yellow-tiled shelf, providing a perfect spot for potted plants. This design element seamlessly integrates the verdant charm of the courtyard into the bathroom space.

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The Point Tasmania by Tanner Architects showing a round bathtub that overlooks an ocean view and rolling hills
The Point Tasmania by Tanner Architects. Photography by Pablo Veiga

The Point Tasmania by Tanner Architects

Perched with a commanding view of Frederick Henry Bay, the circular stone bathtub occupies a place of prominence in the design. Crafted to the highest detail, its round form and texture echo the rugged beauty of the bay. As bathers immerse themselves in its depths, they are presented with a mesmerising tableau: the soft hues of a sunrise painting the horizon or the rhythmic dance of surfers carving through the waves.

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Coopworth by FMD Architects showing a red tiled bathroom with a sunken bath tub that overlooks a rural farm
Coopworth by FMD Architects. Photography by Dianna Snape

Coopworth by FMD Architects

The Coopworth's crimson tiled bathroom has created a rustic bathhouse that merges relaxation with the charm of countryside living. The centrepiece, a sunken bathtub, not only offers a luxurious soak but also serves as a vantage point. From the expansive feature window, bathers can immerse themselves in the tranquil scenes of the surrounding livestock. This design choice effectively blurs the lines between indoor luxury and the raw beauty of nature, creating an experience that is both uniquely refreshing and deeply connected to the rural setting.

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Florida House by Nest Architects with Placement Studio showing a green tile and timber bathroom with a garden outlook
Florida House by Nest Architects with Placement Studio. Photography by Tom Ross

Florida House by Nest Architects with Placement Studio

In the Florida House, the harmonious blend of muted green tiles and warm timber infuses the space with a calming ambiance, reminiscent of a secluded garden retreat. This tranquility is further accentuated by the sunken bathtub, strategically positioned at the far end of the bathroom layout. Stepping down into a bath provides a soothing experience. The act itself feels like a gentle transition, leading one from the world of daily stresses into a haven of warmth and relaxation. The gradual descent into the water allows for a moment of anticipation, making the eventual submersion all the more comforting. This simple act becomes a therapeutic ritual, providing a much-needed respite and reconnection with oneself. Once in the bathtub the user is met with a captivating view: a feature tree that stands tall and proud in an internal courtyard.

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Hermon by WOWOWA. Photography by Martina Gemmola

Hermon by WOWOWA

Building upon the vibrant colour palette that characterises the Hermon house by WOWOWA, the primary bathroom is a visual treat with its walls fully adorned in pink square tiles. These tiles not only enhance the aesthetics but also accentuate the built-in bathtub, making it the undeniable centrepiece of the space. This design choice transforms the bathroom into a lavish sanctuary, offering its inner-city owners a sumptuous escape from city life. The pendant light hanging over the bathtub adds a distinctive touch, fostering a cosy and intimate ambiance during bath time.

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Silhouette Hytte House by FIGR Architecture showing a white feature bathtub on terrazzo floor
Silhouette Hytte House by FIGR Architecture. Photography by Tom Blachford

Silhouette Hytte House by FIGR Architecture

This stand alone bathtub, set against a backdrop of elegant terrazzo and kit-kat tiles, occupies a prime position in the shower's wet zone. This strategic placement not only offers a cohesive look but also allows for an immersive and spa-like experience, blurring the boundaries between showering and bathing. The combined functionality is a testament to thoughtful design, marrying aesthetics with practicality. Gazing out, one is greeted by a lush palm garden, with the charming weathered facade of the existing cottage serving as a picturesque backdrop.

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