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East End Block 2, crafted by CKDS Architecture with Iris Capital, is envisioned to become a pivotal landmark in the transformation of Newcastle's historic heart. 

Incorporating the allure of the past and the vision for the future, two new iconic structures, Soul and Lyrique, will be introduced, masterfully replacing the old Lyrique theatre. These impressive edifices not only pay homage to the original features of the theatre but enhance them to resonate with contemporary sensibilities. The outcome? A harmonious intertwining of yesteryears and today, underscoring Newcastle's rich history. 

This development is set to include 116 high-quality units and a reconfiguration of 5 historic dwellings. An additional feature of East End Block 2 will be the creation of the Lyrique lane. This dynamic landscaped pathway, stretching between Wolfe and Thorn Streets, will not only serve as a connection but will be energised by fine grain retail establishments and the renovated historic Lyrique theatre. The proposed 1400 m2 of retail space is aimed not only at enriching the area but also at revitalising the ground level, creating a more dynamic and engaging environment for residents and visitors alike.

The image depicts an urban street scene in front of a contemporary building. The building's façade showcases a mix of brickwork and geometric window designs. On the ground level, there is a shop with a transparent glass front that displays various stylish items, possibly related to fashion or decor. Several pedestrians, including couples and individuals, are walking by or standing nearby, interacting or observing the shop's offerings. A tree stands adjacent to the structure, and there's a small seating area where a man and a young child are seated. The overall mood appears to be calm and relaxed, capturing a typical evening in a modern city setting.
East End 2 by CKDS Architecture. Artistic Impression copyright of CKDS Architecture
 The image displays a luxurious, open-concept apartment interior. The modern kitchen is elegantly designed with white cabinetry, a marble backsplash, and a contrasting dark island. State-of-the-art appliances, including a built-in oven and cooktop, are seamlessly integrated. Beyond the kitchen, there's a dining area with a wooden table, surrounded by unique chairs. Adjacent to this is a comfortable living space, featuring a plush white sofa, a patterned rug, and a round ottoman. Contemporary decor items, like vases and a floor lamp, enhance the space. The apartment is well-lit with natural light streaming in from floor-to-ceiling windows, which also offer a panoramic view of the city and a bright blue sky with scattered clouds. The overall ambiance is serene and inviting, exuding a sense of high-end urban living.
East End 2 by CKDS Architecture. Artistic Impression copyright of CKDS Architecture

CKDS Architecture, have masterfully addressed the nuances presented by varying scales and site conditions. From the Victorian terraces on King Street to the façade of the Soul Pattinson Building, each design choice is deliberate and innovative, ensuring the preservation of heritage alongside contemporary amenities. 

The project also features interiors designed by Turner, assuring residents an experience that's both luxurious and practical. Future inhabitants can anticipate welcoming living spaces filled with natural light and magnificent views of Newcastle's attractions such as the harbour foreshore, the expansive ocean horizon, and the lush surroundings of Christ Church Cathedral. 

East End is more than just a residential project; it epitomises Newcastle's spirit. It's a tribute to the city's journey, from its foundational industry days to its rebirth as a hub of creativity and enterprise. The precinct seeks to be the heart of the city - a haven for those who cherish the charm of Newcastle, from sunrise seekers and wine aficionados to beach lovers and those who find joy in the little alleyways. 

The image showcases a rooftop terrace garden during the evening with a breathtaking view of a serene body of water and a distant city skyline. The terrace is adorned with wooden decking and a variety of lush, well-maintained plants. These include vibrant purple flowers, tall grasses, and succulents. A sunken seating area with plush cushions and a small table holding beverages provides a cozy spot for relaxation. On the right, a wooden structure with climbing plants forms a green wall, and an adjacent brick building adds a touch of historic charm. In the foreground, two individuals stand by a transparent barrier, admiring the picturesque view, bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun. The tranquil atmosphere suggests a perfect blend of urban living and nature's serenity.     Is this conversation helpful so far?
East End 2 by CKDS Architecture. Artistic Impression copyright of CKDS Architecture
The image showcases a modern multi-story residential building juxtaposed with an older brick structure. The contemporary building boasts balconies with planters and residents enjoying the outdoor space. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are prevalent, allowing ample natural light into the units. A combination of brick, wood-like panels, and concrete finishes gives the structure a blend of modern and industrial aesthetics.
East End 2 by CKDS Architecture. Artistic Impression copyright of CKDS Architecture

Strategically located, East End promises unbeatable accessibility. Whether it's a swift 2-minute walk to the Queens Wharf light rail stop or a brief drive to the Newcastle Airport, it brings the world closer to its residents. This accessibility, complemented by Newcastle's serene beauty, positions East End as the prime spot for those seeking a harmonious blend of city vibrancy and coastal living.  

The CKDS Architecture team undertook an 8-month journey through the Design Excellence pathway, securing approval in March 2019 and targeting completion by early 2024.

The developer behind this monumental project, Iris Capital, is renowned for its belief in smart design and commissioning outstanding architecture and design. Their commitment to superior quality ensures that their projects consistently add value not only to the lives of the residents but also to the wider community. 

Project Details

Location: East End, Newcastle
Size: 13,695 m2
Imagery: Artistic Impression copyright of CKDS Architecture
Architects: CKDS Architecture
Interior Design: Turner
Developer: Iris Capital
Completion: Early 2024

The image depicts a modern and minimalist kitchen interior. The design primarily uses neutral tones with a mix of light wooden cabinetry and a dark kitchen island. The marble backsplash adds a touch of luxury, contrasting with the sleek lines of the cabinetry. The kitchen island features an open shelving unit on one side, which houses books, decorative ceramics, and a potted fern. Above the island hangs a contemporary light fixture with three white, round shades. Two elegant white barstools sit in front of the island, inviting casual dining or conversation. On the left, a textured artwork adds depth and character to the space. Soft, ambient lighting and clean lines create a calm and sophisticated atmosphere.
East End 2 by CKDS Architecture. Artistic Impression copyright of CKDS Architecture
A modern, elegantly designed bathroom featuring neutral tones. The room showcases a large mirror with embedded lighting and a smaller inset window revealing a serene sunset. Below the mirror, a white countertop includes an undermount sink with stylish copper fixtures. Above the countertop, a textured fish-scale backsplash adds visual interest. To the right, a walk-in shower is equipped with a copper rain showerhead and matching controls, complemented by large, light-gray tiles that line the wall. The bathroom also boasts a floating vanity with a shelf below for storing towels and a wall-mounted toilet. Accents of plants and toiletries enhance the serene ambiance of the space. The flooring, consistent with the shower walls, provides a seamless look, completing the sophisticated aesthetic of the room.
East End 2 by CKDS Architecture. Artistic Impression copyright of CKDS Architecture
An aerial view showcases an urban construction site amidst a backdrop of diverse architectural structures. Dominating the frame's center is a building under construction, wrapped in scaffolding, with workers busy on its levels. Construction materials and equipment are scattered across the site, and a tall white crane towers above, casting its shadow below. Adjacent to the site are a mix of older brick buildings, modern apartments, and commercial establishments. On the left, a glimpse of a bright red bridge stands out against the blue water of a vast river or bay. Farther in the distance, a coastal line with trees and a beach area can be spotted.
East End 2 by CKDS Architecture. Image copyright of CKDS Architecture
A street-level view of a modern multi-story apartment or office building. The structure features a contemporary design with a mix of gray and wooden facade elements, interspersed with generous balconies on multiple levels. Large glass windows punctuate the building, allowing ample natural light. Adjacent to this new structure is an older brick building with a sign that reads "SOUL PATTINSON". A lush green tree canopy at the top left adds a touch of nature to the urban scene. In the foreground, there's ongoing construction or renovation evident from the green waste bins, wooden barricades, and construction-related materials. Parked along the road are several vehicles, indicating a busy city environment. The image contrasts the evolution of architectural styles and the blend of the old with the new in a bustling urban setting.
East End 2 by CKDS Architecture. Image copyright of CKDS Architecture