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Prime Edition, steered under Loi and Taylor's leadership, emerges as a paragon of luxury and quality in the realm of property development. This prestigious brand is synonymous with crafting spaces that are more than mere structures; they are enduring legacies of design and innovation. Each project undertaken by Prime Edition embodies their core ethos: dedication to creating environments that not only epitomise luxury living but also enrich the community and its surroundings.

Operating from Melbourne, Prime Edition sets itself apart in the realm of property development by consciously steering clear of mass production. Each of their projects is a testament to this philosophy. They are limited in number, meticulously crafted to ensure uniqueness and exclusivity. This deliberate choice means every development is thoughtfully conceived, with an intricate focus on how it integrates with the landscape and meets the nuanced needs of the community. Prime Edition's commitment to create carefully curated properties reflects their dedication to quality, ensuring that each project not only occupies a physical space but also holds a distinct place in the hearts and lives of its inhabitants.

Como, Toorak by Prime Edition. Render: Gabriel Saunders
Avoca, Domain Hill, South Yarra by Prime Edition showing the street facade of the apartment development
Avoca, Domain Hill, South Yarra by Prime Edition. Render: CUUB Studio
Arbour Park, Surrey Hills by Prime Edition.Exterior view of a contemporary multi-story residential building with a facade featuring glass balconies and large windows, surrounded by mature trees. The building has a clean, modern design with a mix of materials, including what appears to be concrete and wood paneling, reflecting a luxurious lifestyle.
Arbour Park, Surrey Hills by Prime Edition. Artistic Impression copyright of Prime Edition

Prime Edition's portfolio is diverse and ambitious. The recent rebranding from JCL Prime to Prime Edition has only reinforced their dedication to crafting properties that are not just buildings, but legacies. Echoing this commitment, Eric Loi, Managing Director of Prime Edition, notes...

“We call ourselves Prime Edition, maintaining our focus on 'prime' – prime locations, prime sizes, prime projects. This reflects our dedication to quality and the strong presence of our brand in every project we undertake. We aim for our developments to be more than just their names; they represent the ethos and values of Prime Edition.”

Prime Edition's distinctive business model thrives on the synergistic collaboration between its development wing and its sister construction firm, Henny. This integrated approach ensures a seamless and efficient process, from the early design stages to the final construction phase. Crucial to this model is their in-house design team, enhancing their ability to maintain high standards.

According to Prime Edition Director, Alistair Taylor, “With our in-house qualified design architect and design manager, we handle everything internally, ensuring a consistent quality standard across all projects.” This comprehensive control over every aspect of development solidifies Prime Edition's commitment to delivering exceptional quality in every project.

Como, Toorak by Prime Edition.Exterior view of a modern residential complex with multiple levels. The architecture incorporates organic elements, with greenery draping over the balconies of each unit. The building is structured with clean lines and rectangular forms, offering a harmonious blend with the natural surroundings.
Como, Toorak by Prime Edition. Render: Gabriel Saunders
Arbour Park, Surrey Hills by Prime Edition.A modern residential building facade with a panoramic view of a distant city skyline. The building features a series of balconies with glass balustrades and green planting, integrating natural elements into the urban environment. The design is sleek and contemporary, with clear skies above and lush treetops in the foreground.
Arbour Park, Surrey Hills by Prime Edition. Artistic Impression copyright of Prime Edition

Prime Edition's design philosophy is profoundly influenced by the expertise of Eric Loi, whose background in structural engineering and a deep appreciation for architecture brings a unique perspective to property development. This approach is further enhanced through collaborations with esteemed architects and designers, ensuring that each Prime Edition project is a model of form and function. This commitment is clearly reflected in projects such as 'Arbour Park' in Surrey Hills and 'Como Toorak', as well as in the promising new developments like 'Avoca' in South Yarra, and the soon to be launched 'Queens Parade' in Clifton Hill.

The 'Arbour Park' project, currently under construction in partnership with Elenberg Fraser architects, is a harmonious fusion of modern living and the traditional charm of Surrey Hills. It is set to feature an array of lush greenery, elegant natural stone, and expansive glazed windows. Meanwhile, the 'Queens Parade' project, in collaboration with Cera Stribley, is an upcoming development designed to showcase a variety of residences across six levels, prioritising biophilic design. This design strategy is a key component of Prime Edition's vision, aiming to blend natural elements into their developments to enhance resident well-being with increased natural light, improved air quality through innovative ventilation solutions, and the thoughtful integration of plant life.

Arbour Park, Surrey Hills by Prime Edition.An open-plan kitchen and dining area with a modern aesthetic. The kitchen features a large island with seating for four and high-end appliances. The dining area includes a simple yet elegant wooden table with matching chairs. The space is well-lit by natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows that also provide a view of the balcony and greenery outside.
Arbour Park, Surrey Hills by Prime Edition. Artistic Impression copyright of Prime Edition
Arbour Park, Surrey Hills by Prime Edition.An expansive and elegantly designed open-plan living space with a dining area. The room is filled with natural light streaming in from floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a view of the outdoors. The interior boasts a modern aesthetic with a large, plush sectional sofa, a unique circular chandelier, and a dining table set for six. The color scheme is neutral, with wood accents and soft beige tones creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Arbour Park, Surrey Hills by Prime Edition. Artistic Impression copyright of Prime Edition

Prime Edition is actively forging ahead, continually seeking new opportunities and advancing its project pipeline to set industry benchmarks. Collaboration is central to their strategy, combining the skills of top architects and designers to enrich each project. Internally, a robust team propels the company's vision, focusing not just on constructing buildings but on crafting unique experiences, redefining luxury, and building enduring legacies.

Eager to learn more about Prime Edition? Stay in the know about Prime Edition's latest projects by visiting their official website for detailed insights and updates. 

Como Toorak by Prime Edition x Jolson

Explore the stunning creations of Prime Edition x Jolson by delving into their Como Toorak project. Click the link to see the beautiful work for yourself.

Como, Toorak by Prime Edition. Render: Gabriel Saunders