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Naomi Taplin, the inspired artist and founder of Studio Enti, has woven years of passion, prototyping, and planning into the creation of this debut lighting collection. Bringing porcelain's natural allure into luminous existence.

 "Porcelain is such a beautiful natural material-to look at, to interact with. When you add the element of light, each piece comes to life with its own unique personality and character." - Naomi 

Naomi has translated the natural beauty of porcelain into an ensemble of lighting that evolves with the time of day. From Dawn to Dusk, every piece in the collection bathes spaces with warmth, character, and an earthy, tactile tranquillity. 

The graceful Dusk and Dawn pendants, the elegant Eclipse Sconce, and Eos Ceiling light are not mere aesthetics but tangible expressions of Naomi's commitment to sustainability, quality, and respect for the creative process. Handcrafted in Sydney, each piece in the collection is a perfect balance of function, beauty, and earth-conscious creation. 

Studio Enti's signature muted colour palette also shines through, with hues that play between gentle gradients and soft tones. Shades like subtle blue-grey and earthy green-cream provide a rich tonal experience, tailored to enhance the ambiance of any space. The wide array of sizes, shade colours, and metal finishes are reflections of Studio Enti's belief in functional beauty and longevity, giving clients the freedom to create personalised designs. 

Reflecting a belief in small batch, local production, Studio Enti ensures that each piece maintains the highest quality standards, becoming a timeless addition to any setting. Architects, designers, and design enthusiasts alike will find in this collection unparalleled flexibility and dedication to craftsmanship. 

With Studio Enti Lighting, spaces are bathed in an evolving embrace of earthly tranquillity, reflecting the Studio’s ethos of 'creating beautiful, functional pieces that connect with the human psyche.' These pieces have the ability to tell a story and to enrich the tasks and lives of the user. 

To find out more about Studio Enti and keep up to date with their latest releases, visit their website and Instagram

Studio Enti Founder Naomi Taplin surrounded by a range of small to large Orb Pendant Lighting.
Studio Enti Founder Naomi Taplin bellow Orb Pendant Lighting. Image copyright of Studio Enti.
Studio Enti Cresent Sconce positioned as a single feature sconce, in a green tone.
Studio Enti Cresent Sconce. Image copyright of Studio Enti.
Studio Enti Eclipse Sconce arranged in a range of small to large sconces.
Studio Enti Eclipse Sconce. Image copyright of Studio Enti.
Studio Enti Dusk Pendant Light arranged in variety of colours.  and shades
Studio Enti Dusk Pendant Light. Image copyright of Studio Enti.
Studio Enti Eclipse Sconce in a two size variations.
Studio Enti Eclipse Sconce. Image copyright of Studio Enti.