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For those yearning for a serene hideaway that resonates with the vibrancy of the earth and rejuvenates the soul, this exclusive enclave beckons those within. 

In 2020, a creative duo cast aside the metropolitan pulse of the city to base themselves in the serene embrace of the South West. The inception of DEN PLACE is a testament to their journey – a home, a sanctuary for melody crafted by a husband whose life reverberates with the rhythms of music production, and a haven of inspiration for family, friends, artists, and those seeking solitude. They envisioned a retreat reminiscent of the intimate boutique hotel rooms that had captured their hearts through their travels. With an eye for what they adored – intimate, stylish, and personal spaces – they brought to life a niche for couples and like-minded travellers, a welcome contrast to the sprawling holiday homes dotting the region. 

Architecturally sculpted by the visionary minds at Whispering Smith, DEN PLACE articulates a sense of purpose in its simplicity. It hosts a pair of secluded rooms designed for brief, immersive escapes, poised harmoniously within the landscape. This peaceful enclave, which it shares with the main homestead and the creative pulse of Tone City Records, is a meticulously designed refuge for romantics, creators, and explorers drawn to the distinctive charm of the Margaret River region. 

An external view of DEN PLACE showing the two accommodations with black metal cladding sitting in the landscape
DEN PLACE Photo: Tristan McKenzie
A view of the timber deck at DEN PLACE showing a beer and a bowl of chips on the deck
DEN PLACE Photo: Tristan McKenzie

The architectural ethos of DEN PLACE is a curated blend of styles – a homage to the nostalgic charm of the '70s and '80s aesthetics, harmoniously balanced with the minimalist beauty of Japanese design and the trailblazing ethos of Australian architectural luminaries such as Robin Boyd. DEN PLACE materialises as a sculpture of artistic intent and timeless form. 

The selection of materials at DEN PLACE – the warmth of cork floors, the clean lines of white tiles, complemented by the industrial chic of brushed stainless and galvanised steel – creates a visual and textural delight. Under the guidance of architect Kate Fitzgerald, of Whispering Smith, these elements were skilfully combined to celebrate both style and substance, all achieved amidst the extraordinary circumstances of a global pandemic. 

An interior view of the bedroom at DEN PLACE showing the picture window that captures the surrounding environment of Australian bush
DEN PLACE Photo: Tristan McKenzie
An interior view of the basin at DEN PLACE showing the basin surrounded by indoor plants
DEN PLACE Photo: Tristan McKenzie

At DEN PLACE, every detail is thoughtfully chosen to enhance your experience. The absence of cooking amenities is an invitation to explore — to taste the local flavours at nearby restaurants and to sip the wines that make the Margaret River region renowned. If you aren't one for adventuring out, in-room there is a fully stocked mini bar as well as a rider on request. The culture of comfort reigns in the bathroom and kitchen spaces with hand-selected amenities from Leif and Batch ceramics, not to mention the thoughtful inclusion of books, playing cards, beach essentials, and tech touches like a B&O Bluetooth speaker. 

Nestled at the crossroads of untamed parklands and the rhythmic tides of the ocean, DEN PLACE is perfectly situated for the quintessential escape. Only a five-minute journey separates you from the serene Injidup Beach, this retreat is designed for souls yearning to roam. The quaint allure of Yallingup and the bustling heart of the Margaret River community lie just a short drive away. 

The essence of DEN PLACE transcends its structural allure. It represents a conscious decision to connect with one's surroundings – to kindle the creative spark, to calm the mind, and to surrender to a tranquil escape. To find out more information or to book your stay at this newly opened retreat head to their Booking Website or follow along at their Instagram for updates.

Project Details

Location: Injidup, Western Australia
Wadandi Boodja
Architecture & Interiors: Whispering Smith
Photography: Tristan McKenzie & Michael Tartaglia

An interior view of the bedroom and ensuite at DEN PLACE
DEN.PLACE Photo: Michael Tartaglia
An interior view of the details at DEN PLACE showing the custom storage
DEN.PLACE Photo: Michael Tartaglia

An exterior view of DEN PLACE showing the building sitting in the Australian landscape
DEN.PLACE Photo: Michael Tartaglia