Sandy Anghie

Sandy Anghie

Australia Website

Sandy is a registered architect and architecture writer, running her own architecture practice alongside her roles of Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Perth.

Balmy Palmy by CplusC Architects + Builders

Balmy Palmy House elegantly celebrates the joys of modesty and the art of simple living. Perched firmly on a challenging incline, this enchanting sanctuary embraces its place amidst the lush bushland canopy, effortlessly enveloping you in nature's warm embrace.

Talking Careers with Michiru Higginbotham

Meet the co-founders of Michiru Higginbotham - Michiru Cohen and Adam Higginbotham. With over two decades of collective experience in the built environment and design industry, Michiru and Adam bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table, creating beautiful & captivating spaces.

Kris Keen of Keen Architecture

Kris Keen has architecture in his blood, having grown up on building sites. “I started my career sweeping slabs, carting bricks and digging trenches – and I still do this on weekends at my own projects,” he says.

Suzanne Hunt of Suzanne Hunt Architect

Suzie Hunt is the principal of a boutique architectural and interior design practice specialising in residential, heritage, hospitality and mixed-use projects in Perth and country Western Australia.

Swanbourne House by Andrew Boyne

Gillian and Tom Luke had owned their home for eight years before approaching architect Andrew Boyne to help them with a renovation. The project initially started with just a garage addition, but after that was complete, they decided to proceed with a complete renovation.

D_Residence by CAPA

Nestled in coastal dunes, D_Residence by CAPA Architects is a thoughtfully articulated home that contributes to the redefinition of Scarborough as the suburb continues to undergo a transformation.

Tree Island by Carter Williamson Architects

Tree Island, a family home in Alexandria, NSW, designed by Carter Williamson Architects, defies spatial limitations by maximising vertical space and creating a substantial void that connects the living areas and floods them with natural light.

Sally Weerts of Studio Roam

Sally believes the process of designing a home is a very personal experience and requires the designer to have an intimate insight into the way their clients live.

Eden by Hillam Architects

Eden by Hillam Architects is borne of the experimentation of Floreat’s past. The success of the apartments is not only in its functionality and built form, but also in its careful response to the context and characteristics of the locale.

Higham Road House by Philip Stejskal Architecture

Higham Road House by Philip Stejskal Architecture has been expertly woven into the historic fabric of its neighbourhood, serving as an exemplar of how heritage, retained and celebrated, can inform and enrich design solutions to provide beautiful, functional spaces for a family to live and grow.

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