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Hi all,

This is our July community update! Read last month’s update here.

Melbourne Event Recap.

June was an exciting month for CO-architecture! We held our second event at the fantastic Brickworks Melbourne Design Studio. A panel of 7 passionate architects and designers who came together to delve into the impact of AI and the ongoing transformation of our industry.

On top of that, we managed to raise an impressive $1,600 for the mental health charity 20Talk. The night was an absolute blast and a resounding success!

We're already gearing up for our next event in Sydney. The amazing team at Brickworks Sydney will be our hosts once again! We'll be announcing the dates and providing more information soon, so stay tuned for updates. If you want to catch up on the event highlights, be sure to check out the recap on IndesignLive.


Throughout June and July, we are actively seeking to expand our team and continue our growth. We have exciting opportunities available in the following positions:

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Content Writer
  • Full Stack Engineer

If you're interested in joining a fast growing startup in the Design and Architecture space, please reach out to us at We value individuals with a strong background in design, as well as a passion for making a positive impact.


Over the past 12 months our team has worked hard to shake up the recruitment industry and hiring process to make it more accessible and affordable for small businesses and independents.

We achieved this by helping users harness the power of the network. By removing the middle person and connecting users on our network directly, we were able to remove costly barries to hiring great designers!

We are now working hard to break down barriers to traditional publishing and create a more connected and enduring design ecosystem. You shouldn't have to be a tier 1 practice or a social media algorithm guru to get your work in front of clients or an engaged audience. As an industry-led network, we want to put the authors at the wheel and allow them to share their projects freely on the platform.

In our June update we announced the beta launch of our Discover Board and since then we’ve received hundreds of project submissions which we are reviewing and publishing as fast as we can.  If you haven’t already done so, check out our submissions portal and start uploading projects to your free profile.

We have received lots of feedback and analytics from users and thank everyone for their contributions towards helping us improve the product.

Below we have provided an update on what we are working on in the background to further improve this early feature;

  • Upgrading storage and optimising image database – It sounds boring but designers love high-definition images. With the large number of project images being uploaded to the platform, we are developing features to help compress and optimise images for web viewing. We recommend that users upload images to suit the recommended optimal image format that is listed on file uploaders. This will drastically improve the loading and display of your projects.
  • Search and filter capabilities – As we upgrade the image storage, we are also building automation tools and search capabilities to help improve the discoverability of project images. For example, if a client wants to search bathroom inspiration, or perhaps you are looking for a particular colour scheme, the new filters will allow users to be more targeted in their search.
  • Masonry grid display – Some users had reported issues with their projects displaying in the masonry grid display. This only seemed to impact Windows users and is tied to the new browser performance updates that were deployed in the latest Windows update. We are actively investigating the display issues and have simplified the display to a traditional grid layout until we can resolve the latest OS updates.

Upcoming Features

Without giving too much away, we have prioritised some new product features for July-August based on user feedback.

  • We will see an upgrade to the current email notification and alert system to include mobile notifications.
  • The deployment of additional network features such as connect/invite/follow and comments.
  • A new product feature focussed on creating virtual spaces for network building and discussion forums.
  • Education and organisational support are also in the works as we look to provide users with better access to learning and networking opportunities.

Thank you all for your support, and wishing you a great July.