Fluxwood: Bespoke Timber Lighting

Renowned for their handcrafted contemporary lighting, Fluxwood have been illuminating spaces with their distinctive design approach for more than thirty years.

Discover alt. Artefact: Embracing the Natural Beauty of Brass

In the realm of design and architectural innovation, alt. Artefact has become a leader for their creativity and sustainability. Formerly known as Artefact Industries, this Australian-owned design company has been a trailblazer since its inception in 2014.

Made Measure: Handcrafted Leather Goods

Designed with both aesthetic appeal and durability in mind, these Australian artisan leather products are more than just decorative items – they are functional architectural hardware items that can withstand the demands of everyday life.

JD. Lee Furniture: Sustainable Craftsmanship

In the vast world of mass-produced furniture, where many pieces become indistinct and lack personality, JD. Lee Furniture stands out as a unique brand, embodying their philosophy: 'Made with Love, Made to Order, Made to Last.'

Lumo Bloc: A Second Life for Glass Blocks

As the construction industry continues to grapple with the persistent challenge of building waste emanating from construction sites, there are opportunities for innovation. Lumo Bloc, recognising this issue, has embarked on a sustainable journey to help make a difference.

Light Soy by Heliograf

When most people think of soy sauce, they envision those tiny, fish-shaped bottles often accompanying takeout meals. But what if those small plastic bottles were not only a symbol of convenience but also a symbol of a growing environmental crisis?

Innovative Wall Treatments by Bishop Master Finishes

A family-owned and operated business, Bishop Master Finishes has not only introduced Australia to the beauty of Italian Venetian and Polished Plaster finishes but also continues to lead the market with their handcrafted and bespoke product line. 

Duncan Meerding

An Australian lighting designer known for crafting distinctive pieces that echo Tasmania’s natural beauty.

Studio Enti Lighting

Studio Enti, a name celebrated for their high-end minimalist tableware in Sydney, has introduced a new facet to their artisan craft: Studio Enti Lighting.

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