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Hi All,

We hope you're all having a great start to the year! As February begins, we wanted to take a moment to share some exciting updates on our platform.

We're thrilled that the number of registered users on our platform has skyrocketed in the last month! As our registered user base expands, so do the opportunities for businesses to find the right talent on our platform. Employers are now actively engaging and connecting with user profiles, which has resulted in a higher success rate in employers finding talent. So, I encourage users to make sure your profiles look great if you want to be seen.

New Support Service

It can be hard to sell yourself well when looking for a job, but with a few key tips, you can show off your skills, experiences, and accomplishments in the best way possible. We've been asked a lot for help on this by users, and we understand how difficult it can be. We're now offering a new support service to help you create the perfect profile on our platform. We're here to help, whether you're a new user or an existing member looking to improve your profile. On your edit profile page, look for the "Help Create My Profile" support button. Fees do apply.

New pre-pay option for job ads

Starting today, you can pre-pay for your job ad and receive a discount on your purchase.

Here's how it works:

  1. Pre-pay for your job ad: Simply selects the number of job ads you'd like to purchase and pay upfront.
  2. Enjoy a discount: By pre-paying for your job ad, you'll receive a discount on your purchase. The more job ads you purchase, the greater the discount.
  3. Post your job: Once you've pre-paid, you'll be able to post your job ad and start receiving applicants.

This new pre-pay option is a great way to save money on your job ads, while also ensuring that you have the budget to hire the right person for the job.

Issuu who?

Our Flipbook is now fully functional on all user profiles, and some amazing portfolios are already being shown off! Our new flipbook is a fun and interactive way to show off your designs, and so far we couldn't be happier with how it's going. We're so proud of the amazing portfolios that our members have created with our new flipbook feature. If you haven’t already tried it out, what are you waiting for! It’s free 😊

What we’re currently working on

  • A new product offering aimed at connecting architects and designers with clients on our marketplace. Our goal is to create a one-stop-shop for all your design needs, and we believe this new product offering will greatly benefit both architects and designers, as well as clients looking to make their design dreams a reality – much more to come on this.
  • As mentioned in our last community update, we are still working on the company career page, which is currently in beta with employers testing and providing feedback on improvements.
  • Visa improvements. We are now using a Visa Entitlement Verification Online System (VEVO) to check the visa status of international users on our platform and ensure that they are legally permitted to work in Australia. International users who are unable to provide these details will not be approved. This is ongoing.

We have a lot more coming up that I can't discuss right now, but please keep checking back to find out the latest! I'm looking forward to the new year. Also, we'll be making a big announcement very soon, so keep an eye out!