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On May 1st, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new collaboration with Australian Architecture Job Board. This collaboration enables job seekers to market their services to potential employers while also assisting employers in finding qualified candidates. As result of the collaboration, businesses will be able to tap into Australia's largest engaged design community, which is unique to Australia's architecture and design landscape.

"The merging of the two platforms has been seamless as both platforms started out with likeminded goals. We both saw a need to improve the recruitment issues and challenges that the industry faces, so it was a no brainer to combine together to give our communities an even greater product than we could provide individually. Collaboration plays such an integral role in our industries so it is fitting that this platform was created via the sharing of knowledge and expertise." Australian Architecture Job Board founder Luke Hallaways said.

Under the collaboration, Australian Architecture Job Board properties will link to the CO-architecture Website.

"We're thrilled to kick off this collaboration with Australian Architecture Job Board, one of Australia's largest social media brands for architecture and design jobs, to celebrate Australia's diverse workforce. This special collaboration brings a unique opportunity for CO-architecture, showcasing top creative talent, their expertise, and build powerful relationships with brands like Australian Architecture Job Board." Says Kevin Mtichem.

About CO-architecture

CO-architecture is an Australian technology startup founded by architects and designers. Our platform connects and empowers a network of Independent and Job Seeking design professionals across Australia with a growing suite of powerful employment features. A smarter way to work, build your career and take your business to new heights

About Australian Architecture Job Board

Founder Luke Hallaways began building the Australian Architecture Job Board, Australia's largest design communication channel for employment, after realising the shortfalls of the recruitment process in the Australian architecture industry. With a social following of over 500K people, he recognised that he could make a platform for his community to simplify the process for both job seekers and employers. Throughout this process he recognised  the power of aggregating a network around sustainable employment opportunities.