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Before taking on a project, negotiating a clear scope of services is critical for consultants.  As a baseline, consultants need to satisfy themselves that they have the knowledge, expertise and resources to perform the services that fall within their scope. There are however, many other pitfalls and protections to keep in mind.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where experienced and highly regarded Tony Horan, Barrister and Victorian Bar Advanced Mediator, will explain:

  • why setting a clear and accurate scope of services is of paramount importance;
  • what should be included or excluded in a scope of services and how that can be linked to price;
  • opportunities and common pitfalls in scopes of services;
  • managing changes to your scope mid project; and
  • lessons from Lacrosse about the importance of consultants clarifying their role and scope.

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Tuesday 10 May 2022
12.30pm - 1.30pm (AEDT)