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Located in Melbourne's inner-north, Storybook House by Folk Architects sees the reinvigoration of a Victorian-era terrace home into a generous, airy and functional family home. With the aim of integrating open plan living, increasing the functionality of space and crafting a multi-use floorplan within constrained parameters, Folk Architects have produced a family home that now feels spatially generous, whilst retaining its Victorian-era harm and enhancing its idyllic 'storybook' appeal.

Storybook House by Folk Architects. Phtography by Tom Blachford. Landscape image of residential living space. Polished concrete floors and white walls. Curved archway in left background. Contemporary, black stand-alone fireplace left foreground. Integrated couch on elevated white brick surface.
Storybook House by Folk Architects. Phtography by Tom Blachford.

The existing floorplan, minimal and confined in its arrangement, has been entirely reconstructed, with a number of multi-use and open plan living spaces carved into the floorplan. Not a singular surface or plane has been forgotten or underutilised in the reinvigoration of the terrace-home. Raised ceiling heights, mezzanine levels, and active circulation spaces that aid to obscure amenities have been artfully constructed within the home to deceptively maximise space. Other clever space-saving design features include a balustrade to upper levels that doubles as a built-in desk, and a concealed laundry chute under a trapdoor in the master bedroom that delivers washing directly to the integrated laundry.

Appreciation and reverence to the surrounding environment was crucial in the allocation of space and optimisation of opportunity in the family home. Interior courtyards, mezzanine levels, and a roof garden capitalise on vistas of the adjacent parks and the looming Melbourne skyline. In addition to connection to location and context, these open spaces have been deliberately and strategically implemented to invite natural lighting and passive ventilation.

Storybook House by Folk Architects. Phtography by Tom Blachford. Landscape image of residential kitchen. Light timber cabinetry. White walls. Subtle marble countertop and splashback. Black oven and brass tapware.
Storybook House by Folk Architects. Phtography by Tom Blachford.

The material selection aims to produce a sense of clarity and calm within the space, by opting for a palette that is neutral and subdued in both tone and texture. White and cream terracotta tiles have been carefully selected in an act of subservience to the surrounding environment, as well as to emphasise the traditional pitched tile roof and elicit the 'storybook' feel desired by Folk Architects and their clients. References to Japanese design have been intricately and surreptitiously woven throughout the reinvigorated home, resulting in efficient use of space and functionality through subtle and pragmatic design choices. The end result is a beautiful, airy and welcoming home, that actively enhances the everyday life of its occupants by amplifying functionality and opportunity.


Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Architecture: Folk Architects
Landscape Architecture: Bush Projects
Photographer: Tom Blachford
Builder: Moon Building Group


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