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Australian Architecture showcases the high quality of architecture and design in Australia. Check out the latest projects which were featured last week on the platform.

Blade House by Tecture

Albury, NSW

From the Architect: Nestled against bushland in Albury, Blade House has a commanding presence, celebrated by the bold lines of its concrete construction. The house features a bold blade wall running north to south, to tailor views to the bushland to embrace the location, while creating different entertaining zones subject to the season⁠
Photographer: @timothykaye
Builder: @nick_mezz8
Stylist: @sideproject_projects

Oystercatcher by MCK Architects

Callala Beach, NSW

From the Architect: For some years a Sydney based family had enjoyed their holidays in a tiny pre-fabricated house on the beachfront lot, but had finally outgrown it. They wanted to improve the accommodation and take better advantage of the opportunities of the location and aspect, while retaining a relaxed, simple pattern of inhabiting the site.
The design response was to retain the open, exposed and windswept nature of the site, and to allow the envelope of the house provide privacy, security and protection from the elements, literally the house as a fence. The desire for a modest and unassuming presentation to the street drove the idea of the house as an object which had weathered in place in the dunes. The slanted roof form clad in pre-weathered spotted gum references the windswept, pared down vegetation of the foredune, and retains sunlight to a neighbouring property.
Photographer: @prueruscoe
Builder: @_leedham_builders
Engineer: @sdastructures
Landscape: @thegardensocial & @southcoastgardens

Pitch House by FMD Architects

Melbourne, VIC

From the Architect: Pitch House extends itself as a series of defined spaces that unfurl to form a generous interior, filled with light from a high-level window above. Partitioned by its neighbouring twin, Pitch House reinvigorates what was previously a discontinuous plan, granting the space a new relationship with light, its side courtyard and backyard. The architecture develops a narrative around the ‘pitch’, a form that extends to its highest point, the humble glow framing the open interior, whilst reflecting the continuous slope of the existing roof.⁠
The dwelling retains its existing character, greeting occupants with the pre-established places of respite. A single step marks the transition between past and present – here, timber is greeted by concrete, and a revitalised ceiling, lined with shiplap timber pitches to expose the interior to natural lighting. A humble glow that provides definition and beauty in the timber cladding. A moment of spatial disconnection springs from the interior – acting as a beacon of light that infiltrates the space with the morning sun - unobstructed by the dwelling’s twin. A striking kitchen bench mirrors this interior, reflecting the perception of continuity and allowing for light to deflect around its perimeter.⁠
Photographer: @tatjanaplitt

Saoir by REFRESH*

Fortitude Valley, QLD

From the Architect: Celebrating Brisbane’s rich history in timber homes, SAOIR treasures the quality of the early 1900’s cottage by sensitively bringing it back to it’s previous glory while at the same time making it fit for a 21st century lifestyle. Contemporary additions are respectful and sympathetic to the character of the existing house by creating a fusion of architecture and lush subtropical landscaping. Intelligent architecture, featuring plenty of well protected doors and windows maximise natural light and cross-ventilation. The centrally located and covered courtyard acts as an anchor to the residence. This double height space allows vistas through the house and generates a sense of lightness and spaciousness.⁠
This house is named SAOIR — the Gaelic Scottish word for carpenter—in honour of two of these carpenters that built the original house.⁠
Photographer: @christopherfrederickjones
Builder: @craft.building
Stylist: @collected_home_styling