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Architects Declare

In architecture school we’re educated on the importance of sustainability. We’re taught how to thoughtfully orientate designs to maximise the winter sun, how certain materials have a better thermal mass index and the challenges with housing a growing population. Hopefully this knowledge carries through to practise.  However, the...

Interview-Meaghan Dwyer

Hello and welcome to Design Loop and my guest today is the industrious powerhouse that is Meaghan Dwyer. Meaghan is a partner at the award-winning John Wardle Architects based in Melbourne. Our conversation was recorded over lockdown, the night before the Australian Institute of Architects National Awards and spoiler, Meaghan...

Architecture Unions

People in any profession love to complain about their jobs and architecture is no different.

Interview-John Denton

John Denton is a household name in Australia. He is the only architect to have been awarded the top award in Australian Architecture, the Gold Award, not once but twice.

A New Normal-with Ross Harding and Monique Woodward

Melbourne is one of the greatest cities in the world; the coffee, the laneways, the art, it’s probably why it’s been in the top 2 most liveable cities in the world for the majority of the last decade.

Interview-Ruth Payne

With a name like hers, you may assume someone to be feared. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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