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Sam Austen of Watson Young Architects

Sam's boundless passion for exceptional architecture is only matched by his contagious positive outlook and amiable personality. Sam is deeply committed to fostering an environment of enjoyment and passion at Watson Young.

Janine Graves of Hames Sharley

With her extensive 20-year career in architecture across England and Australia, Janine is thrilled to embark on her most significant professional milestone yet, a Director of Hames Sharley.

Caine King of CKDS Architecture

Caine's passion for architecture and local community is infectious. He understands the important role that design plays in creating a sense of place and community. As a founding director of CKDS Architecture, he has become an influential design advocate for his local region.

Kris Keen of Keen Architecture

Kris Keen has architecture in his blood, having grown up on building sites. “I started my career sweeping slabs, carting bricks and digging trenches – and I still do this on weekends at my own projects,” he says.

Andreas Antoniades of Antoniades Architects

'Resilience' - a quality that Andreas Antoniades asserts all architects need to be successful - and one that Andreas has embodied from his early beginnings in Johannesburg to the founding and progression of his present-day practice in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Suzanne Hunt of Suzanne Hunt Architect

Suzie Hunt is the principal of a boutique architectural and interior design practice specialising in residential, heritage, hospitality and mixed-use projects in Perth and country Western Australia.

Ian Bennett of Ian Bennett Design Studio

Ian Bennett is a multi-disciplinary designer with his studio located in Newport Beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Ian strives for purity and simplicity in his work, achieved through a rigorous design process.

Ben Callery of Ben Callery Architects

Ben Callery, the founder of Ben Callery Architects, is a passionate architect who has made a name for himself in the field of sustainable residential architecture. His love for drawing and creation was instilled in him by his parents, who despite being teachers were frequent renovators.

Sally Weerts of Studio Roam

Sally believes the process of designing a home is a very personal experience and requires the designer to have an intimate insight into the way their clients live.

Daniel Boddam

A Sydney & Byron Bay-based architect and furniture designer whose work has been influenced by his upbringing, travels, and love for nature. His signature style the "poetry of reduction," emphasises simplicity and a connection with nature to create a sense of calm and wellbeing in our lives.

Meaghan White

After working for a number of large firms in Australia and overseas for over a decade, it was an extension to her own home in 2006 that led to Meaghan establishing her own practice.

Richard Szklarz

Mr Szklarz remembers being intrigued by architecture as a young child, often wondering why some spaces felt better, or more interesting, than others.

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