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Monthly Community Update - June 2023

We here at CO-architecture like to keep our community updated with new features on the platform as well as exciting future features we are planning. Please read through our June update.

Meet okke: Redesigning an Easier Way to Freelance

With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, okke specialises in crafting customised software solutions to cater specifically to the accounting requirements of small businesses and freelancers in the architecture and design industries.

Introducing the Discover Board

We are thrilled to introduce our latest offering, the Discover Board, which provides a space for our community to share their latest work and engage with fellow professionals, employers and clients.

The Future of Work: Melbourne

Join us for an industry roundtable discussion on the latest trends in design practice, employment insights, and how a renewed emphasis on flexibility, employee wellbeing, and authentic connections is transforming how we work and, ultimately, how we design our cities and neighbourhoods.

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